I have been in private practice since 2003 - this followed a career in the corporate world.  My business continues to evolve as I expand my personal and professional development knowledge.

My credo is, 'ANCORA IMPARO' - (never stop learning). 

I will challenge your beliefs and assumptions of who and/or what you are and reveal your courage to  allow you to discard the irrelavancies that are keeping you from becoming the person you would like to be.  Like Dorothy's Lion - you too have the ability to find your own courage.  It's a journey- no denying, but just like life itself, the experience can be truly uplifting.

My interest's have continued to evolve as well - lately I am following the data emerging from the investigation into neuroscience research which is challenging the view that antidepressant medication is beneficial - controversial yet alarming at the same time.  Again it seems to come back to the mindset of medical fraternity versus the research thus far.   

 Over the years I have encountered many different stories of life's challenges and the effect on my client's self-perception or identity.  I offer them reassurance and encouragement in an atmosphere of hope which enables them to develop a feeling that things can be different.

If this resonates with you at some level - call me (0412 650 830), you are a special, unique human being and I would love to hear from you.

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